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07-11-1985: Blisters in my bathtub

IJsselstein. I am lying in the bath tub and the bath is filled with water. Due to the falling current from the tap and the soap in the water, a number of foam bubbles are formed on the water.

A person is like a blister on the surface of the water. With great force the air (unintelligible reality/air) is pulled under the water with a jet of water (clear reality/matter). The air bubble shoots to the surface (world) and a bubble (human) forms on the surface of the water. Its size depends on the amount of air in its interior (essence/soul). It exists by the grace of a very fragile/vulnerable film of water (body). He is surrounded by even more vesicles and his freedom of movement is affected by this.

It is moved by the wind and the current. Both can mean his death and both can take him past unknown surfaces. His death is inevitable. One day the film will burst and the air in his innermost being (soul) will rise into the great sky (heaven). And that process is only possible as long as there is gravity (love). As long as the air pressure inside and outside the vesicle is equal, it exists. If the air pressure inside increases and it snaps, it's a bit different than if it's crushed by the wind. He distorts the water surface (world) a little bit, he makes an impression. But after his death there is nothing more to notice.

He can also merge into the blisters around him, but to my knowledge no one knows how and why. Every once in a while a bubble breaks free from the surface and rises like a soap bubble, detached from the world on its way into the indistinct reality, only to disappear with a great splash in that great big space. There is only one gravitational force that controls both the water and the air (the One, the first and eternal mover called God or love).