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06-06-1975: Waves

Cassis in the south of France, for the first time in my life I am alone on a wonderful holiday and after a walk on the beach I arrive at a long breakwater in the sea and I see the bright blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

A human life is like a wave on the sea. You can't do much more than move with the waves in your immediate vicinity. It is not much more than superficial movement. The zeitgeist, fashion, "progress" is nothing more than a current in the water that moves a number of adjacent waves in the same direction. Spiritual currents are like the wind that joins many small waves together into a gigantic body of water, in which the small waves are lost. Whether that is beneficial for the world depends on the wind direction and even then there is little to say about it. All waves big and small are carried by the water of the sea. God is like the water of the sea. A man is a superficial manifestation of God, as a wave is a superficial manifestation of the sea. A wave arises on the water, rests on water and dissolves in water. A person arises from God, may rest on Him and may merge in Him.