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Monday 3 October 2022

IT performance management

Somewhere halfway 2002, Maritha de Boer - de Wit, Peter Wiggers and myself took up a plan on writing a book based upon our practical experiences. At that time we had contacts with prof. Egon Berghout of the University of Groningen and he stimulated us to really write this book.

It took us half a year of all our spare time and then it was finished. Now it's more than 10 years later and the book is still available with e.g. bol.com.

Knowing what we know right now, we would address a number of topics differently. On 'governance' there are a number of excellent other publications available now and the services market has grown much more mature now. However, the core of this book still contains valid information that is highly recommended.

To give an impression on the content, I now make some reading suggestions based on my reference model and framework.

Strategy and policies:

1.3 The added value of IT
2.6 Balancing the demand and supply of IT
2.7 Demand and Supply in the IT value perception model
5.3 The business value of the organization
5.4 The business value of the IT department
5.5 The business value of IT investments
6.2 Strategy and strategic alignment
6.5 Managing the Demand axis of the IT portfolio
6.7 Managing IT performance
8.2 Building an IT sourcing strategy
8.4 Managing the integral IT services portfolio
8.5 Some lessons learned in outsourcing of IT
10  Illustrating the IT value perception model
11  Back to business

Architecture and implementation:

3.2 Structuring IT services
3.3 Defining and describing services and service structures
6.3 The role of architectures in IT performance management
6.4 Practical approaches to alignment of business and IT
9    Organizing the demand and supply of IT

Portfolio & Performance Management:

2.4 The IT performance management grid
2.6 Balancing the demand and supply of IT
3.2 Structuring IT Services
3.4 The introduction of new IT services
3.5 Performance management of IT service provisioning
4    Managing the cost of IT
5    Measuring the added value of IT
6.5 Managing the Demand axis of the IT portfolio
6.6 Managing the Supply axis of the IT portfolio
6.7 Managing IT performance
7    The marketplace for IT services
8    Sourcing IT and managing a mixed IT portfolio

For various occasion in recent years, I made a number of slide-shows from the content of the IT Performance management book. Below you will find the complete list:

the complete book in pictures
the management summary
on the added value of IT
on IT portfolio management
on IT architecture and its role in IT portfolio management
on Demand / Supply and optional governance models - this part is slightly outdated since the introduction of COBIT 4
on IT services and service provisioning
on IT cost optimization
on Project portfolio managementon Sourcing of IT services
on the marketplace for IT services - the way it looked in the 2003/2004 time-frame, much has changed nowadays
on the maturity of the relationship with IT service providers - this part is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" and as such a starting point for ongoing discussions. I wil keep this updated.

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