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18-03-1988: Light

2020 36 schittering olieverf op hardboardZuidelijk Flevoland. I'm on my way to Leeuwarden. Somewhere in Zuidelijk Flevoland to my right I pass a puddle of water. The sun is reflected as a magnificent radiance on the surface. I cannot look into it, but it is splendid.

When we imagin God to be the light of the sun, than
the Father is the sun itself
the Son is the reflection of the sunlight on the surface of the water
the Holy Spirit is the light that is reflexted by matter and as such creates the matter.

Explanation 10-05-1991:

Looking at our way of live, we all start in darkness, meaning that our first priority in our daily life is survival second is our position in one or more groups and eventually self-realization.

Some of us escape this darkness and come to the light. The first step is accepting the light of the Holy Spirit. By just reading the scriptures you don't get there, but it may happen that during reading the bible you sense that the word is addressed to you. That's the moment when the Holy Spirit becomes active inside you. (S)he provides consolation, support and hope as a starting point of a ling way to go. Continuing on this path you will discover why the Holy Spirit is called 'Creator'. Like the light creates the forms and colours of reality, the Holy Spirit creates the forms of 'essentiality'.

Only a scarce individual enter in the hard road that lead to the mystical vision of Jesus, the Christ. Here a very special life is required and also the grace of the Lord to get that far. For an average mortal soul this is hardly doable, like it is also hardly doable to look into the reflected sunlight on the surface of water.

Looking directly into the light of the sun can not be done without causing damage to ourselves. This is also the case when trying to behold God, the Father.

CMFAdditional thoughts 10-10-2020:

To me there is yet another Holy Trinity, which is the basic builing block of a reality based on love and selfless charity. This building block provides continuïty in our existence. It is of extreme importance that people will continue to heed the calling to become 'father' / 'mother'. Raising a child askes for complete selfless dedication and provides you with the most direct influence on the future of the world.