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back to school and going for my licence

In october 2015 I started the web supported study to prepare myself for the ham radio licence. The site of the DLZA works fine and within 3 months I worked my way through the material of the N examination. Everything was well documented and easy to follow, so when you make the tests of every step in the study all will be oké.

Being an optimist I also enlisted for the F course. So after having dealt with the N course I immediately started to work on the F material. After 2 weeks I was completely lost. I just couldn't uderstand what it was all about. A slight bit disappointed I left the study for a couple of months and went back to working on the filters of my FiFi SDR receiver.

In august 2016 I'm playing with my iphone in the waiting room of the dentist. I stumble across an offering on the Dutch version of e-bay of a second hand TenTec 1320 QRP tranciever for 14MHz. The offering was made by a Dutchman with a novice call. That made me realise that I could also get started with a N licence and still work CW on 20m. !!

So the first thing I did was enlist for both the next N and F examination which was in november 2016. I bought the books and examination training for both N and F from the VERON and started all over again.  This time I did it differently. I made a test examination, and for every exercise that was wrong I dug into the theory book. That worked fine for me.

Much to my surprise I passed for both F (44 out of 50 good) and N (39 out of 40 good) examinations in november 2016.

I took some time to figure out what call I wanted to have and in the end I choose for  PG7H.
  • PG is not often used yet in the Netherlands, so that may trigger the interest of some other station.
  • 7 is just a number
  • H is the first letter of my name
But most of all I chose this call because it sounds nice in morse code:           .--.  --.  --...  ....