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27-06-1990: Dimensions

Nieuwegein - IJsselstein. I'm traveling in the tram between Utrecht and Nieuwegein and I remember a story on the 4th dimension that I've heard before or maybe made up myself.

2019 07 de bol acryl op papierWhen a sphere (= perfectly shaped 3 dimensional object) passes through a flat surface (= a 2 dimensional space), then somebody that can only percieve 2 dimensions will see a point growing to a circle till this circle has the circumference that is equal to the diameter of the sphere. And than the circle will be shrinking back to a point which disappears when the sphere leaves that flat surface.

When we imagine the passing of a perfectly shaped 4 dimensional object (whatever that may be) through a 3 dimensional space, we will see a point growing to a sphere, shrinking back to a point and disappearing again.

Life in the way we known it, by definition exists in a 3 dimensional reality as perceived by us. Lets suppose the human soul is an object from a 4 dimensional reality, called 'Eternal Life'. Than our existence on earth is no more that a 'passing through' the 3 dimensional reality. It starts as a point, growing to physical and spiritual maturity to eventually return to where we came from: Eternal Life.This 'passing through' involves tension on the surface of our being, however the inside / soul still belongs to the 4th dimension called Eternal Life. No matter how much we are strugling with our day to day reality, our soul will return to its origin: the Eternal Life.