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on layers of meaning and Corona

2020 27 Corona   olieverf op canvasRealy understanding the meaning of a picture or a piece of text is very difficult. Meaning is always context sensitive and one never can tell whether the context one has in mind is identical to the context of some else. In some cases like e.g. the Bible, we talk about 'layers of meaning' that you can distiguish.

To clarity myself I will use one of my paintings of the 'Corona'.

How can you interpret this picture:
  1. Creation is the contiuous structuring of chaos into order. Chaos moves from bottom to top and from dark to light. Creation is built on the balance between the male and the female that together are the 'Adam Kadmon', the first genderneutral creature from the Bible.
  2. The balance between male and female (YIN and YANG) is continuously in motion by mutual genderneutral influencing.The male is not always pure male and the female isn't always pure female there are stripes crossing the two areas.
  3. Creation has 'Corona' outbursts, just like the Sun. Where the Sun's corona outbursts have great influence on the magnetic fields and the radio traffic, the Corona outbursts of Creation are direction setting for the Creation itself.

You can also see this picture as a circle with some stripes and spots. This is just as valid as the above account.