HenkKokWelcome to the website of Henk Kok

My education

till 1966:

  • MULO - A (13 exams), which at that time was the Dutch equivalent for High-school

1966 - 1970:

  • Praktijkdiploma Boekhouden, MBA, SPD - I. Dutch courses in Bookkeeping, Economics and Financial management.

1968 - 1972:

  • various introduction courses by IBM and DEC.
  • a full time course of 3 months 'off premise' on Information system analysis and design.

1972 - 1978:

the complete 'AMBI' courses, which is a university level education on Information Technology consisting of:

  • b en c van de eerste opzet van AMBI,
  • W0, W1, W3, T2, B2, S2, S3 en S5.

1978 - 1979:

  • 'Hogere Bedrijfsleiding ' - ISW, which is a business management training.

1979 - 2011:

  • Open university: Economics (not finished)
  • VOLMAC courses:

Systeemanalyse, Systeemontwerp, Informatie analyse, Project management, Informatiebeleid, Commercial Development en Management Development.

  • IBM courses:

Experienced Consulting, Engagement Leadership, Project Management and IT Strategy (certified).

  • various trainings on:

speed-reading, presentation techniques, recruitment and selection interviews, effective listening, time management and practical application of the German language.