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NCR Software Lab (1974 - 1975)

What have I done:

February 1974 - March 1975:

  • as a software engineer, I built the operation system of a 'Programmable Communication Adaptor', which controlled the data communication between a number of NCR770 terminals (ATM's) and IBM mainframe's. (Intel 8080 assembler and PL/M)

What have I learned:

  • this was my first experience with the lowest layers of the software building, in a time-frame with only 'proprietary' standards, that were very mystical and secretive for both NCR and IBM. I learned a lot on network protocols (mind you: the Internet and TCP/IP were not invented yet).
  • I also realized that when I wanted to grow in this field I had to emigrate to Silicon Valley (which at that time was highly recommended by my employer). I decided that was one bridge too far for me.