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Tuesday 13 April 2021

When I adress topics regarding decision making on IT, I try to structure my knowledge and terminology into a framework. My 'knowledge framework' consists of three main areas that together provide for the basic knowledge needed for decision making:

Strategy and policies:

This is about:

  • defining a shared view on the added value of IT to the business.
  • defining and maintaining a strategy for the business and its IT
  • defining and maintaining the policies / decision making principles that are used for applying Information and Information Technology.

Architecture and implementation:

This is about:

  • developing and maintaining blueprints for structuring the business and the IT based on the defined strategy
  • defining and maintaining policies / decision making principles that are used for structuring and implementing Processes, Information and Information Technology.

Portfolio & Performance Management:

The IT portfolio contains all IT services and projects that together realize the defined stategy and architecture. Managing this portfolio is about:

  • the day-to-day decision making on projects and services
  • measuring the performance of IT and staying in control.