This website is a pure hobby of a retired IT craftsman. In the first year after my retirement I dug into web-technology, because I had no experience at all with building and publishing on the Internet. The result of this effort is the present site.

The content of this site is gradually growing to a level that I want it to be. I finalized the article series on 'Managing Information Technology (IT)'. When you're interested in in the subject read these articles in the order they are presented. This way you'll get the complete picture. Comments are highly appreciated.

From here on I will publish new articles on all subjects that have had my intrest since I was a young man. This will take some time and it probably never will be finished. So please be patient with me.

I used to say: 'it doesn't matter in how many languages you are fluent when you have nothing to say'. This goes for me as much as for anybody else. It doesn't matter how many articles I publish, it is for you to decide whether I have to say something usefull or not. So, please make use of the contactform, to share your opinion with me.

Nowadays you have many means available for communications, however
1. when you want to keep something secret, don't ever mention it to anybody.
2. when you want something to be known in a wide circle, tell it to somebody and say that it is to be kept secret.
3. when you want to share something with everybody, publish in a magazine, write a book or publish on a website.
4. when you're desperate for attention, take a Facebook account.

Thank you for your patience with me.

All pictures in the slideshow are a selection of the panorama pictures I took since 2000.